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I am a mother of three very hungry, busy boys. A Wife to a helicopter pilot and my most amazing support and sponsor of my triathlon lifestyle! I am the owner of Perseverance Multisport Coaching in Whistler, BC. I coach athletes competing in short to long course distance triathlons. I started racing triathlon in 2003 in my first sprint distance race and gradually worked my way up to the Ironman level racing. This past July, I completed my 9th Ironman Canada race! In 2009, My goal one day is to qualify for Ironman Hawaii World Championships and show my boys that with a lot of commitment, hard work and determination "Anything is Possible"! I hope that I can instill the love of sport and living life to its fullest every day to my boys and to everyone I am able to share my healthy triathlon lifestyle with!

Friday, January 22, 2010

We Found Some Sunshine!!!!!!

Shawn arrived home last night after being away for 12 days. It felt like forever. I think it felt like forever because it was so dark and rainy outside the entire time he was away! Not today!!!

After the kids were off to school, we finished the morning clean up, packed up the dog and our snowshoes, and headed up to brighter skies! Mt Washington was the perfect place to get out and run our little hearts out! This sunshine is exactly what I needed. Today was supposed to be my "recovery day" this week. Even though we ran hard in the snow, I feel more recovered now mentally, than I have in a long time!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Absence makes the heart grow fonder?....

It has been so long since my last post I really am not sure where to start. Being absent for so long, I may have lost everyone's interest in reading my blog. I have had several comments from all sorts of people about the lack of new posts in my blog. I have given them the excuse that I really haven't had time to sit at the computer lately. I have thought about recaping the last FOUR months several times and then decided it was just too much to put into one post. I have to admit, this winter has not been kind on my mind. For some reason, (actually, I know why) I have not been able to tolerate the short, dark, rainy days our winter has given us this year. Call it 'bad head space', 'spoiled', 'just tired', 'needing a break' whatever. My winter training season has just sucked. Having these feelings is so not healthy for me, my family, or my friends for many reasons! After spending the last 7 days, watching the daily suffering of the Haitian people after the horrific earthquake, I cannot spend another moment feeling sorry for myself! Yesterday I received a quote fromRunner's World "The Daily Kick in the Butt!"
"When we understand the privilege of what it means to be an athlete, we are in touch with, and rejoice in, our physical, mental, and emotional strengths and our endless possibilites"
This is where I need to get my head space back to again. No more excuses about the weather and feeling the blues!
Today's quote was perfect!
"Consistency requires discipline! Force yourself out the door!"
Just after I read this one, I had an email from my one of my favorite friends and training partners that I have been fortunate to meet while living in the Comox Valley! Pascale sent me a message saying "You want to run the trails today?" "Tomatoe Creek?"... Pascale's timing couldn't have been more perfect. I emailed her back saying "Bring it on, I'll be there". It was what I needed to get out the door on another dreary, grey, rainy day. But! We found super wet west coast trails, and before we knew it, we had climbed slippery, rootsy, rocky trails, huffing and puffing till we had to stop and take in the beauty of our home! We were wet, but loving it. The way it should be. Here's hoping I can carry on my path of crawling out of the dark winter months and finding sunshine again!

Thanks Pascale for a great escape today!