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I am a mother of three very hungry, busy boys. A Wife to a helicopter pilot and my most amazing support and sponsor of my triathlon lifestyle! I am the owner of Perseverance Multisport Coaching in Whistler, BC. I coach athletes competing in short to long course distance triathlons. I started racing triathlon in 2003 in my first sprint distance race and gradually worked my way up to the Ironman level racing. This past July, I completed my 9th Ironman Canada race! In 2009, My goal one day is to qualify for Ironman Hawaii World Championships and show my boys that with a lot of commitment, hard work and determination "Anything is Possible"! I hope that I can instill the love of sport and living life to its fullest every day to my boys and to everyone I am able to share my healthy triathlon lifestyle with!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Signs, signs, everywhere are signs!

There are signs of Ironmania everywhere around town!!! Braydan and I went out for a little 'walk-about' town to see the peeps and the transformation of small town Penticton into an Iron City. We first had to make a few stops at my new stomping grounds since we have been staying here. In the past 12 months, our little shopping complex grew from a Tim Horton's coffee to an amazing Organic Grocery, Starbucks, T-Bone's, and Cobb's Bread. What more could a mother of three and a triathlete need in just 50 paces from my doorstep! I am in heaven. I don't have to take a car to load up on groceries I don't have room for. We come home from the day at the beach and walk to the stores and decide what we are going to cook up on the Bar-B-Q. Amazing!

The hotels are filling up and there are athletes out getting in their last minute training in the lake, and on the roads.

This sign is conveniently located right at the finish line area! I will be looking for this around 6pm Sunday night!

Down town artwork.

The sign right at the transition area exits says it all.

Boxes and boxes of tri-geek clothing just waiting to be opened for the grand opening tomorrow morning. It is like boxing day sales in these tents come 9am Thursday! The athlete's go crazy for M dot merchandise.

Downtown Starbuck's art.

Made completely out of bike parts, of course.

These guys were great. And Bree, if you are reading this. I was paid the best compliment here today. A couple of the employees asked me if I was "Bree Wee"?? I got a huge smile on my face and said "No, but I know her!" And they were like, " Really, wow!!" Thanks Bree!

The bike works guys got my girl all pretty and in tip top shape for race day! She looks fast!!!

I love Brady. He loves the simple toys we had as kids. He was so happy today, after we picked up a slinky for him!

After the walk-about, this triathlete took a very, very, rare nap! Well needed, and now I am off to Whole Foods to listen to Jordan Rapp talk about race day nutrition!
Have a great day!!


Craig Birk said...

Hi Audrey,

You don't know me but Shawn might recall who I am despite the fact that we haven't seen one another for nearly 30 years. I left Kamloops in 1980 - grade six!

Just wanted to pass along best race wishes for you in your quest to win your AG. Sounds like you've been working hard - you deserve it.

I've been away from IM's since 2004 and looking at all your photos gives me goosebumps and brings back very fond memories. IMC is truly a great race and I miss it tremendously. I will return one day.

Please say hello to Shawn for me.

Here's to you and Kona!


Craig Birk

Go Gammie said...

Have a great race Audrey ,, our local Canadian Bree Wee!!!