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Friday, October 3, 2008

Sarah's Fearless Run Leaders!

This post is dedicated to Sarah Seads, our fearless Run Leader. These pic's are for you! Don't worry, while you were "striking a pose" in New York with Madonna, we ran a tight ship back at home at the Thursday night trail run!

First there were three, then there were 5!!! (Lynn is taking the pic)
Yes Sarah, we fearless leaders started the run with 3 Leaders and 1/2 way through the trail run we grew, and then we were five!!! Tee Hee! We have now "all" included us on our "Fave Fives"! We promise this will not happen again!
It is official, it is fall! We had our first extremely wet! trail run of the fall season. Everyone survived the Tomato Creek run for your life. It took us 28 minutes to scale to the top of a very slippery slope of technical west coast trails. There were several lungs that blew up on the way up. But! We quickly recovered and pulled off some layers and made our way through the rest of the Comox Lake trails on our pre-planned route that Sarah had kindly sent all of us ahead of time to review and become familiar with prior to taking our run mates out for an interesting trek of unfamiliar territory for some of us! (including the leaders!) Thank goodness Cindy was there or we could be still out there today making our way back to the Dam. Ha!Ha! We did manage to make it back before dark, and slid into the parking lot at 6:42pm! Just about time to take out the head lamps! Wow, where did the daylight go? We were surrounded by school teachers that were watching their watches and made sure we were back before Sarah's 6:40pm rule!

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Sarah said...

Ha Ha! Sounds like you had a real ADVENTURE while I was away! Good work Fearless Leaders! It looks like you are synchronizing your watches and cell phones in that one pic...very pro indeed! Thanks for your help Audrey..you are a superstar!